Interactive - Tour [1994]

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Chanhassen, MNWed.15.September1993 Paisley Park
Chanhassen, MNFri.17.September1993 Paisley Park
Chanhassen, MNTue.23.November1993 Paisley Park
Chanhassen, MNFri.26.November1993 Paisley Park
Chanhassen, MNSat.12.February1994 Paisley Park
Chanhassen, MNSat.05.March1994 Paisley Park
Minneapolis, MNSat.16.April1994 Glam Slam
Minneapolis, MNFri.22.April1994 Glam Slam
Minneapolis, MNSat.23.April1994 Glam Slam
Minneapolis, MNMon.25.April1994 Glam Slam
Minneapolis, MNTue.26.April1994 Glam Slam
MonacoMon.02.May1994 Stars 'N' Bars
MonacoTue.03.May1994 Stars 'N' Bars
ParisThu.05.May1994 Le Bataclan
Minneapolis, MNMon.09.May1994 Glam Slam
Minneapolis, MNFri.13.May1994 Glam Slam
Minneapolis, MNTue.24.May1994 Glam Slam
Chanhassen, MNWed.25.May1994 Paisley Park
Minneapolis, MNFri.27.May1994 Glam Slam
Minneapolis, MNSat.28.May1994 Glam Slam
Miami, FLTue.07.June1994 Glam Slam 
Miami, FLWed.08.June1994 Glam Slam 
Miami, FLThu.09.June1994 Glam Slam 
Los Angeles, CASun.19.June1994 Glam Slam
Los Angeles, CAMon.20.June1994 House Of Blues
Los Angeles, CAMon.27.June1994 Glam Slam 
New York, NYWed.13.July1994 Palladium
New York, NYThu.14.July1994 Palladium
Minneapolis, MNMon.25.July1994 Glam Slam
Minneapolis, MNTue.26.July1994 Glam Slam
Chanhassen, MNFri.11.November1994 Paisley Park
Chanhassen, MNSat.12.November1994 Paisley Park
BerlinThu.24.November1994 Traenenpalast
New York, NYMon.12.December1994 Roseland Ballroom

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